Women Praying for Women

Florence Booth House is a 60 bed women’s shelter where women come to stay who are experiencing homelessness.


The face of homelessness comes in many forms; it could be a woman who has experienced verbal, emotional and/or sexual abuse; a woman who is working for minimum wage and has to put her children in care due to not being able to afford market rent; a woman who has endured domestic violence; a woman who has fled her country in fear for her life; a woman who is suffering from mental health issues; a woman whose pain is so great that she turns to prostitution, alcohol or drugs to ease her suffering. She could be the woman at the well; the prostitute that the elders condemned; your co-worker or your friend.

The Adopt-a-Bed program involves women praying for women. The only commitment is to pray daily for the person who stays in one particular bed in the shelter. It is not necessary to know the name or the circumstances of the individual. All that is required is that you consistently pray for whoever stays in the bed each night; offering their circumstances to the Lord in an effort to encourage healing, protection and that they will have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ will work miracles in the lives of the women who reside at the shelter through your commitment to pray.
If you are interested we will provide you with a bed number; send quarterly newsletters to share with you the miracles of how Jesus Christ is transforming lives.

God is working miracles at Florence Booth House and we believe with women praying for women lives will be transformed and women will come to know the divine healing that only Jesus Christ can bring.

Together we can make a difference giving hope today…. one person at a time.